About Us

Pen-pushers is an online platform where clients meet, connect or hire a writer of their choice. Though independent as a writing platform, we partner with credible story blogs and other writing platforms to unite writers from every part of the world to make a living from their talents.

We serve as a common ground for writers and clients to meet, basically, through portfolio.

Currently, we are partnering with demiketejika.com (An author’s website) to enhance our services.

Also,through the WhatsApp group, Pen-Pushers carries out a weekly online tutorial on WRITING from their best writers and poets.   This is to help  brush writers up from the scratch and fine-tune skills of passionate writers. Whichever way, a writer can sign-up with us to meet and connect with other writers or to make money as a writer, or to learn from our free online writing classes. (Sign-up here)

Apart from writing activities, we also advertise creative works and through shop.demiketejika.com, we advertise and sell audio poetry, podcasts, e-books. (Advertise or sell with us here)

All a writer needs to do is to sign-up for free and build his profile in a credible way that attracts clients. A client is drawn to a writer based on his profile.

How we operate.

A writer signs up for FREE. A client visits the site and chooses a writer of his choice for a particular work. After an agreed negotiation between the client and the writer, they both send screenshots of their chats concerning their agreement to the ADMIN. The ADMIN being the MIDDLE MAN, confirms their agreement. The client sends money to ADMIN while the writer does the work. As soon as the writer finishes, he sends it to the ADMIN who sends it to the client. The ADMIN collects 20% from the deal and sends the rest to the writer.

Reasons why you should sign up on Pen-pushers as a writer:

1. It is FREE.(All you need is talent to write.

2. To meet and connect with other writers.

3. To showcase your skills to the digital world.

4.To build your profile.

5. To learn from  free online writing tutorials.

6. To make money as a writer.

Tips for ranking high on Pen-pushers:

  1. Good resume.
  2. Promptness in satisfying a client’s need. 24 hours to two weeks time range.
  3. Quality service rendered to client.
  4. Recommendations from clients and fellow writers.
  5. Being more niche in the writing world.

Ranking high on Pen-pushers means commanding more figures, attaining a greater height in your career.

Sign-Up and start making money.


DISCLAIMER: Pen-pushers  won’t be held responsible/accountable for  breach of contract between a writer and client who decide to run a personal deal without the consent of the  ADMIN. After the client must have chosen a writer, he is advised to make transactions through the admin, as the admin will make sure the Terms and conditions for the contract are well carried out.

In an extreme case of breach of contract, one that affects a client or the platform, the  writer will be reviewed and if found guilty, will be dismissed from the platform without a second thought.


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